Finding Your Alignment


Hello friends!

Now that we have checked in with the body through the ‘Basic Body Check In’ and the ‘BeSpoke Body Scan’, this week we are introducing a quick sequence to help you find your alignment in standing. Finding your alignment is about stacking the bones of your body from the crown of your head to your toes. It all starts with the feet, which is why you get a sneak peak at Christine’s sexy cat slippers! Meow!

Finding this alignment allows you to stand with grace and move with ease. It’s a timeless posture that will keep you more comfortable and allow you to breathe more easily when you stand up. Easier breathing means easier speaking. This is an excellent sequence to listen to along with our other body check -ins or on its own. It can be used as a prelude to a vocal warm up or as a way of checking in right before you begin to speak in any communication context.

Please let us know what you think!

Christine & Lindsay


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