Good Vibrations!


Hi Everyone! 

Resonance. One part of the sound equation that makes your voice uniquely yours. Working on your resonance gives you volume for free and adds richness and fullness to your sound. It also makes speaking more fun, because you can feel the vibrations of your voice as you speak. That means when you are speaking, you are literally giving yourself a vibrational massage! 

If you’re an actor, cultivating your resonance helps you play with vocal character choices in a safe way. In the business world developing your resonance helps you find vocal authority and impact. 

Do you feel like your voice is resonating to its full potential? This week we’re posting a short and sweet sequence for developing your resonance. It’s great on its own or as part of a longer vocal warm up. Give it a try, cultivate those good vibes, and let us know what you think! 

Take Good Care,

Christine & Lindsay

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