Get Well!! A Sequence for When You’re Sick


So I was pretty ill last week with a respiratory infection and COMPLETELY lost my voice for a few days. I do not like being sick and I really, really dislike not being able to talk. So it was difficult to just pause and let myself heal, especially because I hadn’t lost my voice to that extent before. It made me feel very stressed.

Eventually though, I confronted the fact that  I was not exactly living up to the advice I would give clients or friends dealing with an illness affecting the voice and began to focus on positive self-care. Got all my favorite teas (and of course honey!), juices, got my steaming on with some essential oils, and by the time the medicine really kicked in I realized it was important to provide that time and space to get myself in a better physical and mental place. Part of that involved gentle exercises like this sequence, to make sure I was checking in and engaging the body and breath in a helpful way.

Give this a try if you’re feeling the sniffles (or something stronger) and let Christine and I know how you get on!

Take good care and, of course, get well!

Lindsay and Christine

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