Sustained Articulation Power-Up!


Photo Note: This amazing photo is from Pinterest and it only makes sense if you listen to this post. Otherwise just enjoy the crushing cuteness.

Hello Friends!

So we are in the *ahem* dog days of summer (had to get it out of our system, but no more puns we promise), and thought it would be fun to send a beneficial yet silly exercise your way to liven up your presentation prep or kickstart a return to articulation work for performance after a languid summer. This is a brief articulation/sustaining support /sound wake-up workout with a touch of classic theatrical whimsy (meaning once it’s in your head it will probably never leave ).

Give into your goofy side and have fun with it!

We’d love to hear about your experience with this and some of your favorite articulation/breath/mind exercises in the comments section below.

Stay cool in these hot August days and take good care,

Lindsay and Christine

One thought on “Sustained Articulation Power-Up!

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