Find Your Ground: Foot Massage Sequence


Hey friends!

This is a joyous time of year, but the busyness of the holiday season can often feel a bit de-stablizing. This is a massage sequence to help you find your ground again. When you’re standing up, a good way to find your ground is to feel where your feet connect with the floor. You have three points of contact between your feet and the floor: the ball joint of the big toe, the ball joint of the little toe, and the heel. Together, they are shaped like a ‘tripod’, and balancing your weight across this tripod brings a sense of grounding that can help you stay present in the moment. Being grounded helps you breathe easier, which makes it easier to speak fluidly and clearly.

You can bring your awareness to your tripods anytime, but sometimes a little massage to that area can help increase your awareness and sensation in that area. And it just feels good! So give this a try, especially before a speech, show, Christmas pantomime, or hey, maybe even before a holiday party where you’ll be doing a lot of standing and talking. Let us know how it goes!

Take good care,

Christine and Lindsay

Post-Turkey Tummy Time!!


Just one of our very lovely Thanksgiving occasions!

Hello Friends!

A week gone, we hope anyone partaking enjoyed a very Happy Thanksgiving!. In difficult times we are very grateful to have loved ones around us and for the ability to share our ideas and experiment in this space.

Now, it’s no secret that we both are ardent supporters of occasions that require a love and commitment to eating, but occasionally this can lead to stress…especially in the tummy area when its been overloaded by decadent vegetarian stuffing and divine mashed potatoes. This of course can lead to some rough digestive feelings, which we know impacts our ability to communicate. This sequence is designed to give you a little easy tummy love any time you might need it.

This is a floor sequence so grab a mat, towel, or just settle down on a clean carpet.

Let us know how you like it!

Take Good Care,

Lindsay and Christine