Keeping it Fresh: setting goals & evolving your practice


Hello Friends!

If you’ve followed our posts for awhile you know we love considering all things cyclical and seasonal at BeSpoke Communication. So as summer draws to a close we are taking a few more opportunities to rest, travel, and spend time with family but we are also thinking about what’s next. Key to maintaining a communication skills and presence practice is assessing where you are and what you want focus on moving forward. The foundation of core components like supportive posture, breathwork, mindfulness, and articulation exercises will always be there but depending on where we find ourselves, our attention and approaches will shift and vary. So from time to time it’s worth thinking about what you need from your practice overall and how it can support your goals.

We’re taking some time to focus on this too. As our last post mentioned, we’ll have a little end of summer hiatus where we’ll be creating some new content together and ramping up our plans. It would be great to know what you would find beneficial, what you think about when it comes to communication skills, and how you like to work.

Don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you.

To get the ball rolling, here are some prompts to get you thinking, writing, drawing about how you’re feeling, what areas are going well, where you’d like to place more attention, and what impact you want your communication skills to have on your life. We’re not trying to give anyone an existential crisis so this could be as simple as being confident in your next performance review or taking on a monologue in a new accent. Or it might be something bigger. It’s all about where you are and what you need.

  • What is going well in your practice right now?
    • Think of something physical that’s feeling good
    • Think about an aspect of your mindset that’s positive
    • Think of one of your favorite personal speaking habits
  • Where are you feeling challenged?
    • Are there physical obstacles for how you want to communicate?
    • Think of where you can cultivate some positivity in your mind
    • Is there a communication habit you would like to shift?
  • What are the goals you’re working towards right now? What would you like to be working towards?
    • Think of a few short term goals, perhaps consider these categories:
      • Personal
      • Professional
      • Family/relationships
    • Think of a few long term goals, again considering these categories:
      • Personal
      • Professional
      • Family/relationships
    • Using whatever arises think about how your communication skills can support these goals and areas of your life:
      • What skills will help you physically?
      • What will help mentally?
      • What habits do you hope to develop in your communications?

Hopefully this gives you some food for thought! Let us know how you get on and we’ll look forward to evolving together this autumn!

Take Good Care,

Lindsay & Christine







4 thoughts on “Keeping it Fresh: setting goals & evolving your practice

  1. James Uehling

    Hello dear Christine,

    Thank you for your recent (beautifully written) bulletin update. I’m curious to know who your audience is here and what is the purpose? From the sound of it, and the many queries, you seem to be addressing your existing clients for direction, finding yourself at a crossroads. Could that be right? Love. __________________ James Uehling



    1. Hi Jim! Thank you very much for your comment about Lindsay’s gorgeous post. We both appreciate your questions, which are always on point! Our audience here is a mixed bag and includes actors we’ve trained but also professionals from various backgrounds. They usually find out about the site because they’ve trained with us in some capacity (although we have found out in the last year that some of our following is through word of mouth, which is very exciting!). We are looking forward to building new content for the site in the next year, but we are hoping, since this is an online forum, to have more of a dialogue with our viewing/listening audience. Because we aim to post so regularly (twice a month), and also because we don’t see directly who we are coaching, we would like to hear from our audience more in terms of how what we’re putting out there is sitting and what you are craving more of. This keeps us on our toes and, instead of guessing what you might like to learn more about, allows to address quite specifically what people are requesting!


  2. Emanuel Adam

    Two things I would be interested (and it may repeat things):

    – how to keep your voice/self when being in an defensive situation – a few tricks and tips for professionals who do interviews on radio/TV




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