Voice Work for Job Interviews


Hey Friends,

Are you applying for a new job? No more waiting by the phone. This week’s audio guide is a sequence to get you physically and vocally grounded and present for your next job interview. This sequence is great to do before any communication event where the stakes are high and/or you are feeling some nerves– interviews, auditions, annual reviews, presentations, performances, etc. Let us know how it goes (we especially want to hear if you got that job!)  and please share this with anyone you feel might benefit from this. Don’t forget– you can follow our blog! Press the button on the side of this page and you’ll be the first to hear when we publish a new post. Good luck on that interview!

Take good care,

Christine & Lindsay

2 thoughts on “Voice Work for Job Interviews

    1. Hi Agnes! We are so glad you are enjoying the posts and thank you for sharing that with us. One of our goals for next year is to make the exercises downloadable. Stay tuned to the blog and we will let everyone know when that becomes available. Take good care, Christine & Lindsay


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