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Take a moment. What is your experience when you perform? When does your craft or creative process serve you well? When do you struggle?

As performing artists, often the struggles that we experience, whether in the creative process in rehearsal, performance or the classroom, come from a nervous system that is attracted towards the fight, flight or freeze response. We literally don’t feel safe.

A predominance of these states and an inability to get easily back to safe mode in your nervous system has devastating effects on the creative process and in life. We are pulled out of the present moment where we truly connect with ourselves, other players and our audience; we struggle to experience pleasure and joy in general and we lack the ability to express ourselves freely and effortlessly in our artforms. We are trapped in the “what’s wrong attention”. And this is exactly what it says on the tin: Our attention is being pulled towards what’s wrong.

This might manifest in a negative thought loop, difficulty breathing or restrictions in the voice when you get up in front of people aka stage fright. It could be feelings of tightness in the body and anxiety in the rehearsal process. How about images of how things might go disastrously wrong before an audition? Maybe it manifests in feeling really low between jobs.

OR maybe you’re just not accessing that in-the-moment creative flow that comes when you’re in a meaningful situation, surrounded by amazing friends and colleagues where everything seems to go well in an easeful, effortless way. Why are these moments so elusive in our art, right??!

First thing, this is not your fault. Like many of us, your nervous system is just a bit out of whack or what is called, de-synched. Your system thinks that by staying on high alert, it’s doing you a favour. And it would be, if you were actually in danger. But you’re not most of the time. You’re perfectly safe. You’re system just isn’t reflecting the reality of your present environment.

The good news is that the nervous system is trainable. You can learn to make strategic interventions that will take your system away from de-synch and towards biological synchrony where an easy, pleasurable and meaningful connection to yourself, others and your work all reside.

Join BeSpoke’s Christine Mottram and Acting coach Craig Deuchar at ArtsEd for a weekend workshop of bio-synching using Organic Intelligence® and Fitzmaurice Voicework®. We’ll be exploring biological synchrony in the context of finding presence and creative flow in your artistic process as a performer.

You’ll be guided through and engaging with the fundamentals of what it takes to experience a powerful presence with each other and in the world, all while communicating your work and cultivating experiences of that elusive creative flow.

We’ll explore bio-synch tools and experiences to:

  • cultivate presence in the here and now in an effortless way
  • attract your attention back to life’s simple, non-addictive pleasures
  • reconnect with the feelings of pleasure in your body
  • develop a deep connection to the body, breath, voice and your material
  • connect with yourself and your fellow human beings in a compassionate way
  • channel the charged energy you experience when performing in to creative flow

This will all help clear the way for your creativity to emerge and reconnect you to the natural enjoyment of the present moment with others through your work.

Booking Info:

When: Saturday, June 22nd 10-5pm and Sunday, June 23rd 10-4pm

Where: ArtsEducational Schools London, 14 Bath Road, London W4 1LY

How Much?:

Standard: 170 GBP.

EARLY BIRD: 140 GBP before 31st May

To book or for more info contact: and/or

You can also contact us through our Facebook page here.

Payment in to the below account guarantees your spot. Places are limited and on a first come, first serve basis:

C Mottram

Sort code: 20-74-63

Account number: 93735141

We will email you back to confirm your place once payment has been received.


Please wear comfortable clothing like you would wear in a yoga class.

Bring a yoga mat and a zafu or meditation pillow or regular pillow.

Please prepare a piece of text  to work with. This can be anything that is meaningful to you. Examples are(but by no means limited to) a monologue, a song, a poem, a haiku, a movement piece, a dharma talk you may be giving, part of a presentation or a meaningful topic you want to improvise on.


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