Alternatives to Throat Clearing


Hey friends,

Autumn/winter time can be a magical time, but it can also come with some annoyances, like always feeling like you have to clear your throat.  In this episode, we discuss some helpful alternatives to throat clearing, which, in this cold and flu season, can really get in the way of your presentation or performance.

Whether it be mucous or a dry throat, the need to throat-clear can create anxiety in public speaking situations. The good news is, there are some things you can do to prevent the situation and also things you can do in the moment to help ease the mucous/dryness.

Themes that come up are:

  • Drinking Water ahead of time
  • Avoiding coffee/tea/dairy right before you’re going to speak
  • Breathing and Grounding yourself to help manage any nerves that are causing your need to clear your throat
  • Shifting the focus to the outside environment (to avoid hyper-focusing on the croak)
  • Voice Warm-ups before the communication context to help you clear any phlegm

If you’d like a downloadable version of this episode, you can find it on iTunes by searching for ‘BeSpoke Speaks’ or on BuzzSprout.

We’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this question and our answers to it. You can comment here or email us at

Take good care,

Christine & Lindsay

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