Voice Warm Up for Social Situations


Hey Friends,

Welcome to our first post of 2020. This episode is a practical sequence to warm you up mentally, physically and vocally for social situations. Inspiration for this sequence came from an earlier episode, ‘Voice Work for Social Situations’ where we answered a question from a listener about why it can be hard to apply voice technique to social situations. This is a practical sequence that addresses the solutions we talked about in that episode. 

This sequence is for you if:

  • you ever experience anxiety in social situations. This is designed to help ground you so that you can find more enjoyment in your social experience
  • You ever struggle with being heard in social contexts. If you find yourself mumbling, speaking too fast or struggling in loud environments 

The sequence includes exercises that will:

  • help you feel more grounded and at ease in your environment and in your body
  •   help you breathe better 
  • help you speak more clearly while still feeing authentic, especially in louder environments 

It’s designed to do before you go into a social situation, and at the end of the episode Christine gives you things to think about when you’re in the social context,  so that you can apply the tools you learn in the sequence directly to the situation. 

While this is a great warm up for social situations, public speaking and acting are also social situations, so feel free to also use this as a warm up for any context where you want to communicate with more ease. 

You can also download this episode on iTunes by searching for ‘BeSpoke Speaks’ or on BuzzSprout. 

Let us know how it goes! We’d love to hear any comments or questions you have– feel free to comment below.

Take good care,

Christine & Lindsay

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