Our Jaws, Ourselves

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Hey Friends!

We’re dipping our toes into a big conversation this week, talking about something that we’ve both experienced and are frequently asked about by family and friends…JAW TENSION! Whether it’s situational, emotional, grinding teeth, alignment issues, athletic activity, the jaw is an interesting reflection of how we manage all kinds of stresses. This episode is a general conversation about where it comes from and dealing with the discomfort of jaw pain. It also offers a couple exercises you can do anytime, anywhere.

We also take a moment to celebrate our fantastic technological advancements for 2020, which will hopefully mean better and better audio quality for you.

But back to the jaw, there are numerous resources you can look into to help manage tension and pain. Healthline offers a useful article that outlines different conditions in case you’re concerned what you’re feeling goes beyond day to day stress. If you are a nighttime teeth grinder this one has some good prevention tips.

The conversation and these starting exercises have made us realise we want to follow up with discussions about the tongue and the sneaky ways the tongue and jaw can create insidious little exchanges of tension. Our plan is to provide you with strategies for release and to keep tightness and pain at bay so if you notice anything and want to ask a question or make a comment, please do! We would love to incorporate your thoughts into upcoming episodes.

In the meantime, be kind to yourself and your jaw. Take that extra moment in the shower or before bed to check in and give it a little massage, and try to check your frustration when pain/tension appears. It’s just another way our fight or flight instincts kick in to try and protect us by bracing. Let yourself know it’s ok, and hopefully that will encourage the discomfort to recede. Don’t be afraid of the lessons your jaw has for you!

As always we’ll encourage you to subscribe and review the podcast wherever you might choose to listen.

Take good care,

Christine & Lindsay

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