Help! I talk too fast! Tip 2: Breathe

Hey Friends,

Talking too fast often comes from nervous, excited or passionate energy, which surges upwards through the body and can result in speeding up your tempo. But if you try to think of combating that energy by artificially slowing yourself down, it will feel and sound weird for everyone, because it won’t be authentic. 

This is video 2 of 3 where I offer tips for organically slowing down your speech. In video 1, we talked about grounding yourself, which you can watch on this website here, on my IGTV @christinemottramvoice or on my YouTube channel (

The second tip we cover in this video? Take a deep breath. You know you’re talking too fast if you’re struggling to breathe with what you’re trying to say, but there are things you can do in the moment to re-center your breathing. Watch this video to see how. 

Try this out and let me know how it goes. I’ll be back with a third tip next week. 

ps. For more, longer and more in-depth breathing warm ups check out the warm ups on this website. If you would like to have access to warm ups in downloadable form, the same warm ups can be found as podcasts by searching for ‘BeSpoke Speaks’ on iTunes, Buzzsprout, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher.

Take good care,


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