Our Mission


Welcome to BeSpoke Communication! Our aim is to offer approachable online and in-person coaching to anyone interested in working on voice, communication skills, and overall presentation confidence. We have worked with actors, business professionals, media professionals and teachers. It is our belief that everyone’s voice is a distinctive resource for expression and success across all areas of life, so our work invites you to consider the potential benefits of cultivating your communication skills.

At the core of BeSpoke is the belief that ‘presence’ in communication is as much physical and vocal as it is mental. We offer coaching that is a combination of voice work, body work, and mindfulness to promote practices encouraging your whole self to be fully present in the act of communication. In this online community we invite you to take part in our ongoing exploration through coaching content designed for you to explore wherever and whenever you choose.

There are two of us here at BeSpoke— Lindsay Walker and Christine Mottram. We are both American but based in London. We met while getting our MFA’s in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. The two of us bonded over many things (As one does on an intensive arts course!), eventually determining the shared goal of creating a coaching philosophy that never ceases questioning and engaging approaches, offers innovative tools for coaching across mediums, and celebrates your uniqueness.

So here we are. On this website you will find audio content of guided vocal and mindfulness warm ups and our blog where we consider all issues to do with effective and mindful communication. All of this online content is meant to create a way of helping you build a sustainable autonomous mindful voice practice. Please share comments, questions, and observations with us. Your input is fantastic for helping to develop our content. If you are interested in face-to-face private or group coaching, please do be in touch. You can reach us at bespoke.comcontact@gmail.com.

Whether we get to work with you online, in-person, or both, we wish you happy, healthy, and present voices!

Christine and Lindsay.