Have you checked out our podcast?

Lindsay preparing to record a new podcast episode 

Hi Friends,

We are thrilled to announce that we now have TEN BeSpoke Speaks podcast episodes that you can download on iTunes or BuzzSprout. Our first ten episodes are audio guides that take you though different vocal warm up sequences for different situations– perfect if you are getting ready for an audition, presentation, performance both live and on camera, or just want to keep up your confidence and vocal health. These episodes are some of the audio guides that you can find on this website, but now they are downloadable, so you can take them with you any and everywhere.

We are now in the process of recording our next round of episodes, where we’ll be discussing questions you have asked us about your voice, or voice and communication generally. The questions we’ve gotten already have been beautifully varied. We’ve had some great questions about using voice technique in social contexts, managing nerves in public speaking situations and how to apply voice technique to character work. We’re happy to discuss any question you have (we just love talking to each other), so if you have any curiosity about your communication, comment below or email us at bespoke.comcontact@gmail.com. When you send us a question, if you’d like us to say something about you on the podcast, like if you’re an actor and you’re working on a project, include details about who you are and where people can find out more about you and we’d be happy to promote you as we discuss your question.

We believe in the power of healthy, empowered communication, so we want to spread this podcast far and wide. If you’re enjoying what you’re hearing, please consider sharing this podcast with anyone you feel could benefit from it. If you feel so moved to leave us a rating and review on iTunes, we would be so grateful.

Feel free to also follow us on instagram @bespokespeaks and on our BeSpoke Communication Facebook page to get regular episode updates.

In the mean time, happy listening!

Christine & Lindsay

Voice Work for a Stiff Neck


Hey Friends,

Is the snowy cold weather in London making you stiff? A stiff neck can have a direct negative impact on the power of your voice. Your voice is created in your larynx, which lives in the neck. If the muscles around the larynx are tight, it inhibits the larynx and can make it harder for the vocal folds to function properly. Doing holistic body work is a great way to help release neck tension, but sometimes you may want to do some more direct release work on the head/neck/ shoulder area. This audio-guided sequence leads you through a series of exercises to help you release the neck. Notice how much better you feel afterwards and how much easier it is to speak!

Let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear from you!

Take good care,

Christine & Lindsay