BeSpoke Body Scan


Hello Friends!

Hopefully you’re all recovering from a well-spent Easter break of some kind, or at the very least a decadent meal or two. In honor of springtime renewal we’re putting up the first audio for our ‘Mindful Voice Work’ series: a little body scan.

The aim is to relax, breathe, and find a sense of physical presence and release to provide you with some mindful get-up and go! This is great any time of the day, but might be especially helpful before a big audition, meeting, presentation, performance or any other venture where presence of mind comes in handy. In our experience, a mid-day body scan helps our stamina and keeps vocal fatigue at bay.

As always, any comments on your experience are most appreciated…happy breathing!

Lindsay & Christine

2 thoughts on “BeSpoke Body Scan

  1. Christine McCloskey

    Very relaxing exercise. I liked having your soothing voice walk me through it. Also liked your giving permission to accept that the mind will wander and that’s OK. Embrace it.
    Definitely an exercise everyone could benefit from. Our lives are far too chaotic.
    Thanks for posting.

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