We’ll Make Your Jaw Drop… Articulator Release!

Screenshot 2016-05-17 17.44.55

Ever encountered the expression “bite your tongue”? How about “stiff upper lip”? Or maybe “glass jaw”?

All of these expressions speak to the articulators, that lovely group of muscles and joints that allow us to create clear speech. Our expressions about them are a bit different. We say, stretch your tongue! Loosen your lips! Find a jaw that rivals Gumby in its flexibility and resilience! Not only will your speech be clearer, but you might find your spritely articulators encourage you to hold on to less and speak your mind more. This warm-up to release and condition is your first step! Give it a try!

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Take Good Care,

Christine and Lindsay

2 thoughts on “We’ll Make Your Jaw Drop… Articulator Release!

  1. Completely agree with Lindsay – the exercise where you stick out your tongue and massage the underside of where the chin meets the neck made the muscle SO much more softer after only half a minute! And found the massetor massage with the finger tips (or finger palms lolz) so much more relaxing and gentler compared to massaging with the boney sides of the hand. JAW RELEASE Y’ALL!!!


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