The Importance of Rituals


Hey Friends,

In this episode, we discuss the importance of creating regular rituals for yourself that help you feel more at ease generally, so that you can be more at ease in and ready for important communication events, like meetings, presentations, auditions, performances, etc. Rituals, whether physical, vocal, mental or some combination of all three, can help you start a communication event mindfully, because they allow you to take ownership over your own presence and how you are feeling before you start. These rituals can be something that are regular or something you do right before you communicate. They can last as long as they need to for you and that can change depending on the day and the circumstance.

We’ll talk you through:

– strategies for creating rituals
– ideas for a 1-hour ritual that includes a physical, vocal and mental component
– ideas for a 20-minute ritual that includes a physical, vocal and mental component
– ideas for a 5-minute ritual that includes a physical, vocal and mental component

We’ll also discuss how to maintain the benefits of the ritual as you move through your day.

When you are more at ease, you are a better communicator. Whatever ritual you develop, let it be one that helps you find more ease. Do show up for your ritual often to get the full benefits of it, but don’t get discouraged or give up if sometimes you don’t show up– it’s about finding that balance where you show up regularly, but also where the ritual is there to serve you– you are not there to serve the ritual.

You can also find this episode in podcast form on iTunes, Spotify, Buzzsprout, GooglePodcasts and Stitcher.

We’d love to hear from you about how you’re going to take this advice forward, or what rituals you already have in place that you love. What rituals do you want to develop? How can we help?

Take good care,

Christine & Lindsay


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