Bye Bye BeSpoke & Exciting Announcement

We have loved helping you warm up your voice. The journey will continue.

Hi Friends,

This is a brief episode to let you know that this will be the last episode under the ‘BeSpoke Speaks’ title. If you are a regular listener or subscriber, don’t fret. All of the old content will still be on this website and in podcast form, but the podcasts are getting a shiny new name and logo. This is part of an evolution on both of our parts. Christine is launching a new voice and communication coaching website and business (more on that to follow) and Lindsay is currently exploring how this platform can be expanded to include different strands of wellbeing and positive psychology that impact our communication. The aim will be to broaden our lens and use this platform as a creative dialogue and workshop.

So for those of you who have been listening for awhile, thank you so much for your support. We have loved working on this project together and we have learned so much (and podcasting has changed so much!)  along the way. We are still dedicated to using the podcast format as a way of offering accessible content for self-exploration.

Stay tuned for the launch of Christine’s new business and website, which will happen at the end of March and will have its own podcast. A lot of the old BeSpoke episodes that only feature Christine will be under the new name and title of her podcast. If you want more regular updates on the launching process, the easiest way to get them is by following her on instagram @christinemottramvoice. She will also continue to update you through this website.

Watch this space for updates about how BeSpoke will evolve as a project in its own right. Stay tuned.

Take good care,

Christine & Lindsay

One thought on “Bye Bye BeSpoke & Exciting Announcement

  1. James Uehling

    Congratulations, dear Christine! Sounds like you’re moving into a serious business commitment. Bespoke was a strong introduction. While illusive, I believe there is a market out there. I look forward to to hearing your progress. Much love. __________________ James Uehling



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